Duplex Comp Lite Version

35 ratings

Free Version of Duplex Comp

Free version does not contain:

  • factory presets (plugin state still saves, though)
  • Oversampling
  • User manual built into the plugin interface

Duplex Comp combines two serially cascading compressors, followed by a limiter, into one efficient package. This plugin streamlines a popular mixing method—employing multiple compressors in series, each with different settings—by consolidating the entire process into one convenient interface.

In the GUI, you'll see the compressors are cleverly referred to as "Units," while the limiter is humorously named "Rent Control"—a playful nod to the plugin's name, Duplex. (I know, I'm hilarious)

Signal Flow

The signal flow for Duplex Comp is as follows: Unit 1 (Compressor 1) -> Unit 2 (Compressor 2) -> Rent Control (Limiter)


  • Mac: Universal (Rosetta and Silicon) Audio Unit (component) and VST3 - 64 bit
  • Windows: VST3 - 64 bit

Install Instructions:

  • Windows: Download the windows installer from the post and double-click it, and it will install. You will have to allow Windows Defender to install it by clicking "more info", that's it!
  • Mac: Download the mac .pkg and double-click it to install the AU and VST3 versions.

Landon - Audio Plugin Developer

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Windows VST3 and Mac AU & VST3 installers

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Duplex Comp Lite Version

35 ratings
I want this!